Practical Information


Practical Information Foods4U’s 'Fresh  and Fair Trade' vending machine is designed for all health-conscious people and environments. Our Healthy Foods vending machines are well suited for offices, hospitals, and schools.


Thanks to our specially programmed chipcards, your employees can enjoy one or more consumptions per day from our vending machine.


For example:
two consumptions per employee = 1 portion of soup & 1 softdrink per employee, per day.
In addition its normal vending and koffie brewing offerings, Foods4U also offers other catering solutions to suit the size of your company:

  • Microwave ovens for reheating several meal portions (ideal for short break times)
  • Steam ovens
  • Soup packaging & Cooling solutions (also suitable for hospitals)

Install one of our vending machines in your building today. Foods4U can assure you of its high end quality vending offering and continued complete service in delivering our SoupSouks and Oxfam Fair Trade products to our machines, and delivery of Fair Trade coffee ingredients to you for our coffee brewers.


Mon: 8.30h - 16h
Tue: 8.30h - 16h
Wed: 8.30h - 16h
Thu: 8.30h - 16h
Fri: 8.30h - 16h
Sat & Sun: closed