Fair Trade Products

Foods 4 U - Fair Trade Products Support Oxfam Fair Trade through its products!

In the highly competitve world of international trade, farmers don't receive enough income for their coffee, 
cocoa and sugar.

Oxfam Fairtrade coop buys products from - small or medium-sized - producers in the South. Oxfam Fairtrade pays a fair price. This guarantees a worthy income for the producer. Thanks to the cooperation with Oxfam Fairtrade, the producer can create better life and work conditions. The producer can invest in better agriculture techniques, in product development, training and education,healthcare, housing/accommodation, infrastructures.

Foods4U supports Oxfam Fair Trade by offering their drinks and snacks in our 'Fresh & Fair Trade' vending machines.
Or you can buy from more than 180 Oxfam Fair Trade products online via our Webshop.

Bio Products: Oxfam Fair Trade supports farmers who changeover to sustainable and ecological production methods.
Enjoy Oxfam Fair Trade Products in your company daily!

Foods 4 U - Fair Trade Products

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Foods4U now offers more than 180 Oxfam Fairtrade products through our webshop – an ideal way for you to buy complimentary / Easter gifts for your employees, clients, family or friends. Go to our Webshop.