Fair Trade Coffee


Fair Trade Coffee As vending operator, Foods4U already installed Oxfam Fair Trade Coffee Dispensers on the site of some of its existing clients who already have our Fresh & Fair Trade vending machines. This offers our clients a complete vending solution - imagine our Fresh & Fair Trade machine with our fresh soups, Fair Trade drinks and snacks; and next to this an Oxfam Fair Trade Coffee dispenser.

We offer various solutions to suit the size of your company:

  • Instant coffee: Instant coffee dispenser, 5 to 10 sec./ cup
  • Ground coffee: Fresh Brew dispenser, 29 sec./ cup
  • Coffee beans: Coffee Bean dispenser (grinds the coffee beans freshly per consumption)

Some options:

  • Base Cabinet + Cooling unit (for dispensing chilled water) + large serving board
  • Standalone set with a pump and watertank

You can find all Oxfam Fair Trade's coffee ingredients online via Foods4U's Webshop.


Mon: 8.30h - 16h
Tue: 8.30h - 16h
Wed: 8.30h - 16h
Thu: 8.30h - 16h
Fri: 8.30h - 16h
Sat & Sun: closed